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Version 1.5 submitted

What’s new: * Ability to now track protein (user requested) and Values Plus * Ability to have ‘Yours’ be the default for lists instead of ‘All’ (user requested) This option is set in your diet settings. * All tracking and … Continue reading

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Making recipes healthy

Some of us have our favorite, comforting recipes, that we may not make anymore because…well let’s face it, butter does make everything taste better! But is there a way to make them healthier, and still enjoyable? I say yes, and … Continue reading

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Healthy Snacks

I’m always looking for healthy snacks besides the usual granola bars and rice cakes. Here’s a couple of new ones I ran across that I’m definitely going to try: Frozen peas or corn. 1/2 cup of peas is 55 calories … Continue reading

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App updates

The next version will incorporate points+ and maintain regular points for those of who like that version. The database will be updated to include protein and points+ values for the included food items. Also, I’m adding a ‘copy previous day’ … Continue reading

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Apple-blueberry cobbler

Everyone loves sweets, but who says you have to feel guilty eating them? This recipe from the MayoClinic looks as good as it tastes! Here’s the nutritional breakdown (per serving): Calories: 212 Protein: 4g Carbs: 37g Total fat 6g Fiber: … Continue reading

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Spicing up those winter dishes

Fresh herbs add a lot of flavor in homemade cooking, and while it is true you can go to the grocery store now at anytime of the year and buy almost anything, growing your own indoors in the winter is … Continue reading

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