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What’s a calorie?

Terrific  article from the Huffington Post explaining what a calorie, and other nutritional terms, are.

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Common Diet Myths Busted

From The Huffington Post comes this interesting article on diet myths.

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Grilled Vegetable Salad

Who says salad has to be boring? Try this awesome grilled veggie salad from the Food Network. Per Serving: Calories 275; Total Fat 22 g; (Sat Fat 5 g, Mono Fat 13 g, Poly Fat 2 g) ; Protein 6 … Continue reading

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Reading the latest reviews in the app store. One user suggested doing away with times and simply giving the option of using breakfast, lunch, sinner, etc. Great suggestion. I could make that optional as labels to the current time. The … Continue reading

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Version 1.8

Been slightly busy at my day job, but I am testing version 1.8 now and hopefully will submit tomorrow night to the app store for approval. Included: Finally got the decimal point option working correctly. You can now either use … Continue reading

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