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A comparison of Low-fat, Low-glycemic And Low-carb Diets

This article in Medical news Today compares the three types of diets along with an explanation of what each diet means. The conclusion, low fat dieters are more likely to not keep the weight off and gain it back. One … Continue reading


Think twice about your salad dressing

A new study has found that regular salad dressing, i.e., not lite or low fat, helps your body absorb more nutrients from your salad. Of course some salad dressings were better than others, and canola or olive oil based were … Continue reading

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US News & World Report on Diets

Their annual article on diets is out. So wether you want to lose weight, eat healthy, or protect your heart, this section is chock full of information.

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Atkins Diet may not be so healthy after all

From Medindia, comes this article from a Swedish study which suggests Atkins can increase your risk of heart disease. While I agree with keeping refined sugar and flour to a minimum, I simply can’t see how eating all that fat … Continue reading